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Realistic Speaker Impulses for Your FRFR Cab and DAW!

Welcome to Rockin' Cabs - Home of The EPIC Pack!

Our Speaker impulses deliver a lively amp-like tone and feel through your FRFR monitor but with a flat frequency response, so all of your modeler's tone controls operate as intended from 0-10. They also work great in your DAW, allowing you to build professional signature guitar mixes, just like the pros, in minutes. Plus, our EPIC pack comes delivered in 4 sample rates: 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K and 96K so it is fully ready for any application.

EPIC Pack: We captured 10 of the industries best speakers (both British and U.S.) with 12 of the World's greatest microphones. We then built 30 of our "hybrid" dual speaker blends. The result is a massive 520 impulse library of both recognizable and completely new tones. Not whacky sounding new tones but solid, professional unique blends that make building powerful new sounds a breeze. With 12 mic profiles of 40 different speaker and dual speaker blends, the possibilities are truly endless. Our sound is right up there with the best in the business and our unique, signature tone and feel is totally addicting. This pack will get you playing more and with 600 unique impulses to try, the EPIC Pack will keep you exploring for a long time to come.

Key EPIC Pack Info:

"Core Speakers" - Celestion: G12C (80's), G12M Greenback, G12H Anniversary, Creamback 65 and Vintage 30. Eminence - Private Jack, Maverick, Governor and Eminence "for Fender". Plus a PMR hemp cone Alnico so all amp models can be properly matched to their proper speaker type if desired.

"Hybrids" - CR65/G12C, CR65/Hemp, Fend/CR65, Fend/Hemp, G12H/CR65, G12H/Hemp, G12M/CR65, G12M/Fend, G12M/G12C, G12M/G12H, G12M/GOV, G12M/Hemp, G12M/MAV, G12M/PJ, GOV/CR65, GOV/MAV, MAV/CR65, MAV/HEMP, PJ/CR65, PJ/GOV, PJ/MAV, V30/CR65, V30/FEND, V30/G12C, V30/G12H, V30/G12M, V30/GOV, V30/Hemp, V30/MAV, V30/PJ

"Microphones" - Condenser: 67, 84, 87, 414, 563, Tube ----- Dynamic: 57, 58, 421, 441 ----- Ribbon: 121, 160

"Studio A" - Multi-mic mix of all 40 speaker and hybrid blends. This will give you a "plug and play" modern mix-ready sound.

"Studio B" - A warmer, more vintage sounding mix-ready profile.

"FRED" - FRED stands for "FRFR Ready". These are BIG yet transparent sounding impulses for use with your live monitor.

The EPIC Pack is also a professionally assembled and easy to use package. We employ easy to understand, compact labeling of our impulse titles so they can be read on small screens like Line 6 HX Stomp and Atomic Amplifire. All 520 impulses are equally leveled for consistent performance. Our clever folder system allows you to load by speaker type or by microphone type so you can find exactly what you need and load in seconds. You get the entire package in 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96K sample rates.

All of this for only $30.00! That's the best price you find on a professional pack of this scope and sound quality anywhere.

NEW - PLAYER PACK! We took the 3 mix-ready profiles from the EPIC Pack and are now offering them as a stand-alone, affordable solution for players that just need the essentials. In the Player pack you get Studio A, Studio B and FRED profiles in 4 sample rates; 44.1, 48, 88.2 and 96K. This package has 120 impulses in each sample rate listed, broken up in easy-to-use folders. Only $14.99!

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