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Rockin' Cabs EPIC Pack

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EPIC Pack: 40 speaker and dual "hybrid" speaker blends, each in 12 mic profiles, plus 3 multi-mic mixes of all 40 speaker and hybrid blends.

- 600 unique, individual impulses

- "Studio A" and "Studio B" multi-mic mixes (40 impulses each)

- "FRED", FRFR Monitor ready profile (40 impulses)

- All impulses equally meter-leveled

- Easy to use folder system, load by speaker type or mic type

- Easy to understand, compact labeling system that works with small modeler screens

- 44.1K, 48K, 88.2K, 96K sample rates

- Signature lively, amp-like tone and feel

- Speaker models that pair-up with every amp style

- Dual speaker blends for building custom 4 speaker, dual mic tones by using only 2 impulse blocks

- 600 close mic'ed impulses for your mixing projects

- 200ms, 24 Bit impulse format works with all modelers and loaders